Latina beauty Penelope Cruz is thankful she survived a frightening plane ordeal with close friend Salma Hayek last year (DEC04) - because she didn't want to upset anyone close to her.

The sexy pair - who were filming action caper BANDIDAS in Mexico - were onboard the light aircraft when it suddenly dropped from the sky due to depressurisation in the cabin.

Cruz says, "We had oxygen masks down and it was terrifying. I was really thinking about all the things I hadn't finished and worrying about other people rather than me.

"I wasn't worried about pain or anything like that, but I didn't want anyone to get down because I'd died. And I was worried in case there were things I should have said to people that I hadn't.

"In the end though, I so happy we didn't crash - I didn't want to go out that way."

Bandidas is due for release later this year (05).

03/04/2005 21:35