Penelope Cruz is eyeing a move into Spanish cinema when she is too old for Hollywood - because European filmmakers are less ageist.
The Vicky Cristina Barcelona star insists she wants to grow old gracefully and vows to steer clear of cosmetic surgery.
But the beauty is aware as her youthful looks disappear it will be more difficult to land movie roles in the competitive American film industry.
Cruz is adamant she wants to continue working as an actress for her entire life - but she may have to head back to her native Spain to be cast in any pictures.
She says, "I hope that I will be able to work all of my life - even when I am older. It's easier to do that in Europe than in America, because in America it is difficult for older actresses to find work. But thank God we have people in Spain like my friend Pedro Almodovar, who will cast actresses of all ages and, if he likes them, he will keep on casting them until they are 80. It's much healthier than being obsessed with youth."