Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is considering adopting a child, if she has no man in her life when she's ready for motherhood.

The Vanilla Sky beauty, who's currently romantically linked to actor Matthew Mcconaughey, admits that while she's not ready for children yet, she already has plans for that area of her life.

She says, "For sure I want to have a family, but I won't do it unless I really feel it's the right moment. Not yet, I don't feel like that yet. I don't feel ready yet.

"I feel if (I was single and ready for motherhood) I would not be scared of...adopting a baby by myself.

"Always when I talk to people about that, it's, 'Oh, but it's better if your baby is raised with a father, too.' I say, 'No, but I'm talking about a baby that doesn't have a father, doesn't have a mother, doesn't have a home, doesn't have an education.'"

11/11/2004 02:33