Spanish actress Penelope Cruz dashed away from last month's (MAY03) CANNES FILM FESTIVAL after hearing her grandmother had been hospitalised.

Gossips claimed the actress fled the festival to avoid bumping into her boyfriend Tom Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman, who was also a guest - but it appears her reasons for leaving were far more serious.

Cruz rushed to Madrid's CLINICA RUBER (corr) hospital on 22 May (03) to visit her grandmother ISABEL SANCHEZ, who had fallen ill.

The actress says, "My grandmother is now feeling better and I want to be with my family."

The Spanish stunner has an unplanned break thanks to GOTHIKA co-star HALLE BERRY's broken arm. The movie, which is filming in Canada, will continue shooting this week (beg02JUN03).

01/06/2003 21:00