Latin actress Penelope Cruz loves every character she plays when working with Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, because he makes even the most bizarre situation "beautiful".

The VANILLA SKY star has such affection for the prolific writer/director's work that she is appearing in his next three films.

Despite being given some challenging roles, she is happy to be in Almodovar's capable hands.

She says, "I remember when Pedro gave me a script in which I was to play a nun who gets pregnant by a transvestite. I looked at him for five minutes like he was a Martian, and then I thought, 'No, this is Almodovar and he is going to make it beautiful.' And it was.

"The next time, I played a prostitute for him. And in HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, I play a woman who is gay. So what? I don't think twice about it."

11/03/2005 19:23