Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz has good reason to keep quiet about her relationship with TOM CRUISE - because she loathes the world of celebrity gossip.

The CAPTAIN CORRELLI'S MANDOLIN star claims she has never played the media game and has no intention of starting now.

She says, "I'm not going to talk about my relationship, and I think you understand why. I don't read gossip magazines and I don't play the game."

And the petite star insists she'd never sell an exclusive about the union to any magazine, although she admits she doesn't look down on those that do.

She adds, "I don't say that it's bad when people do, but it's not for me. I can work here or Europe, and I feel very privileged because of that. Gossip is a parallel thing, and I'm not part of it."

08/05/2003 17:08