Stars including Penelope Cruz, Meg Ryan and Catherine Zeta-Jones could be the next targets of AL QAEDA terrorists.

Intelligence shared between various police sources suggests the terrorists are planning to attack the Cannes Film Festival in May (03).

French police have been keeping a close eye on a group of Al Qaeda activists - the organisation led by OSAMA BIN LADEN - near Marseille.

Security services in London, Paris and Washington all believe a retaliatory attack over the current Gulf war is imminent.

Cruz and Ryan are both due to launch new films at the festival, while Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas are also expected at the prestigious event.

A British intelligence source says, "We are very worried by the growth in Islamic terrorism in France and Europe.

"The French view is that there should be a Europe-wide anti-terrorist task force to police the problems as countries approach the problem in different ways."