Review of Summer Storm (Tug Boat 14/11/05) Album by Pellumair

Summer Storm
(Tug Boat 14/11/05)

Pellumair Summer Storm (Tug Boat 14/11/05) Album

Jaymie Caplen and Tom Stanton parade with impunity their playful, powerful and drum-less sound, while standing out for their unashamed approach to making music for the love it, as oppose to music for noise. They are as much an endangered species as the Giant Pianda. 'Side For This' commences the subtle persuasion to their ways, with deft guitars that reflects the inner peace of the pair using them. The enchanting, yet worried Neil Finn vocals on display in 'Lucy' have the ability to shake the proudest listener.

With a commanding air of serenity; slow and meandering numbers such as 'Seventy', along with the echoing and choral natured; 'See Saw' bolsters belief that the path to tranquillity is paved mind-raking discovery. The prominent acoustic nature to the album provides a warm backdrop, to highlight the bolder musical tit-bits and the carefree vocals of Caplen. The title track displays that with the craft of an artist; Pellumair blurs the boundaries between visions and memories, as the streaming guitars and vocals bring the two concepts together.

The pace picks up in the hurried and wandering 'Silk As Her Era', with Caplen singing as though he is saying goodbye forever to someone on the 14;12 train to Brighton. The haunting and troubled; 'Postcards' builds upon a throbbing guitar riff to place a blanket over the range of emotions explored on this thrilling debut, from Southampton's most earnest and candid musos.

David Adair

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