The funnyman behind iconic man-child Pee-Wee Herman insists fame is like a never-ending wedding day, because stars are always the centre of attention and they can't do as they please.
Paul Reubens discovered the pitfalls of celebrity in the early 1990s when he found himself caught up in public indecency and child pornography scandals within two years of each other. He maintains both controversies were the result of misunderstandings.
The actor retreated to philanthropist Doris Duke's New Jersey estate to recover from the fall-out following the 1991 incident - when he was caught masturbating in a porn theatre - and later pleaded no contest to indecency charges to avoid a trial.
The scandals sent him to therapy and taught him all he needed to know about celebrity.
Reubens tells the new issue of Playboy magazine, "People don't understand what it's like... Go get married. Have a big wedding. Being a bride or groom on your wedding day is the closest a lot of people get to knowing what it's like to be famous.
"People may think, 'Oh, it's my wedding and I get to do whatever I want!' It's not like that. You have to go and talk to every single person, and you're the centre of attention. If you want to go do something without anybody knowing, it's impossible. You're the star.
"Fine, but what if that becomes everyday life and never ends?"