Acclaimed film director Pedro Almodovar is sticking to a winning recipe by once again casting Penelope Cruz as the leading lady in his latest film.

The two have teamed up in various films, including VOLVER, the movie that bagged a string of nods at the European Film Awards. CRUZ picked up the best actress award for her portrayal in the film.

But ALMODOVAR's next movie will be "totally different" to his first 16 films, he said.

Speaking to Spanish newspaper El Pais, the director revealed that EL PIEL QUE HABITO will reflect the fact that he is "in the midst of a change" in his career.

"It's a very tough story about revenge," he said, adding that it will have "nothing to do" with the VOLVER concept or his personal life.

But one thing will remain constant  the presence of CRUZ.

She has also previously starred in ALMODOVAR's TODO SOBRE MI MADRE (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER), which won an Oscar in 2000 for best foreign language film, and 1997's CARNE TREMULA.

05/12/2006 11:58:24