Spanish moviemaker Pedro Almodovar fears his country will be torn apart by violence as the economic and social climate reaches boiling point.

The Volver director avoids watching news bulletins as he doesn't want to be faced with Spain's increasing financial woes, which have left a quarter of all citizens unemployed.

Almodovar, who is famed for his darkly brilliant movies, believes rioting could break out as his fellow Spaniards' frustrations spill over, but he hopes any eventual protests will remain peaceful.

He tells Britain's The Observer Magazine, "Some days I try not to see the news at all... It is all horrific. I think the country as a whole is worried about social unrest breaking out. I certainly am.

"Every day that goes by, I get the impression that there is further provocation. That doesn't mean I am inciting anyone to violence. Quite the opposite. I'd invite everyone to react - but in the most peaceful way possible."