British singer Pearl Lowe has been diagnosed with anaemia and an underactive thyroid gland after she began battling exhaustion and losing her hair.

The Powder star has revealed she went to her doctor after her thick dark locks began falling out, while she had also spent months suffering severe tiredness.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I was feeling awful all the time. I had no energy and was dragging myself around. I often felt as if I needed a lie down during the day and was ready for bed in the early evening. I couldn't think why - I live a really healthy lifestyle.

"I also felt really down and not myself. As I was only 40, not an old woman, I couldn't work out what was going on."

Lowe adds of her hair loss, "I had a bald patch about five centimetres wide on the left side near my temple... When I washed it, I could see handfuls (of hair) coming out at once. It became really noticeable that I had this bald patch and generally thinning hair."

After seeing her doctor, Lowe was diagnosed with anaemia and hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid gland, and she is now recovering with the help of medication and vitamin supplements.

She concludes, "I don't feel like a tired old woman any more, and my hair no longer gets me down."