Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder penned new hit LIFE WASTED on the car journey back from pal Johnny Ramone's funeral. The ALIVE singer was overcome with a sense of loss and mourning and admits the song is a tribute to his friend - as well as a reminder to himself about how precious life is. He says, "When you leave that funeral, that drive is as important as any single stretch of road you'll travel on. You've got a renewed appreciation for life. "That feeling can last through the day, through the week, but then things start getting back to normal and you start taking this living and breathing and eating thing for granted. I think that this song is there to remind you, 'This is that feeling.' Vedder admits Life Wasted isn't the only tune on Pearl Jam's eponymous new album inspired by Ramone - many of the tracks were written with the punk legend in mind. The singer adds, "Half of the record is based on the loss of the guy who turned out to be the best friend I ever had on the planet. And that was Johnny Ramone. "Never have I experienced a loss of someone I talked to with such frequency, in such depth, with such intimacy." Ramone, real name JOHN CUMMINGS, died in September, 2004.