Pearl Jam spend just half an hour writing lyrics.

Frontman Eddie Vedder has imposed a tight deadline on his creativity because he believes if he doesn't find instant inspiration, he should just discard what he is working on and wait for something better.

He told BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe: "Having written for a number of years, a number of records and a number of different reasons, I just can't handle taking more than half an hour.

"If it's not gonna happen quick then I don't wanna do it, because it means there's another one out there that is gonna happen quick, and is gonna hit you like a lightning bolt."

The singer says his new approach to songwriting has been inspired by his bandmates, who wrote sections of the group's new album 'Backspacer' without him.

He added: "The musical ideas were presented a lot closer to song form. That let's me just throw a vocal on the songs, and a meaning to it, immediately."