On Tuesday (20Dec16) it was announced the grunge group had been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious rock honour.

However only bassist Jeff Ament, guitarist Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder were named as inductees in the summary of the band's history on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website, with Soundgarden's Matt Cameron, who joined in 1998 and Dave Krusen named alongside a "parade" of drummers.

David Abbruzzese, who played with the band from 1991 to 1993, when they had their biggest hits, including Alive and Jeremy, took exception to being excluded.

"So... Rock & Roll Hall of F**tardia," he wrote on Facebook. "Ergh. It makes absolutely zero sense to me...I'm just gonna shove this statement up someone's a**e."

The drummer cited the criteria by which groups were admitted when questioning the decision by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bosses to leave his name out of the group's history.

"As the original ballot is created, the members of each eligible band are determined by largely who was present and active during the most influential recording years," he wrote. "I'm not sure how 275+ live shows and 38% of record sales doesn't fit their criteria... "

The spurned rocker continued his furious tirade against his exclusion by sharing a petition calling for him to be inducted and various supportive fans' Facebook messages.

Meanwhile, former Journey frontman Steve Perry is among the inductees, despite not performing with the group since 1998.