American comedian Louis C.K. last year bypassed the usual routes taken to fund and distribute his own show, as he took on the production of an online show - coming away the victor by proving this method successful.
The comic is at it again as he looks to stick it to conventional ticket vendors in a truly Pearl Jam-inspired fashion, as he will sidestep the usual sites and sell tickets to his fans directly through his own website. In an email he sent through his mailing list, he explained that he has grown tired of all the high fees and additional charges that plague online ticket sales. By pricing his tickets lower in the past, it has just meant scalpers (people who buy tickets in mass to sell on later) bought up more, with vendors offering no solution to this. To avoid the inconveniences many face when buying tickets, and with the confidence that he can produce a comedy show with his own team, then why not organize a tour too?
Louis is not the only person looking to stick it to the scalpers and over-charging ticket vendors in recent times though, as a number of other entertainers have also taken precautions to avoid this. Musician Tom Waits is perhaps the most recognised in this field after he became the first recording artist to use Ticketmaster's paperless ticketing technology during his 13-date U.S. theatre tour last summer. A similar method has since been employed by a number of other entertainers and sporting venues too.