Pearl Harbor beauty Kate Beckinsale is busy planning the wedding to her second husband with the help of her four-year-old daughter LILLY.

The actress is now preparing to tie the knot with Len Wiseman, who directed her in new movie Underworld, in a dress chosen by her little girl.

Kate explains, "My four-year-old daughter Lilly is choosing her dress for my wedding. She's getting a bit nervous about the wedding because she's been given the job of throwing rose petals and is worried she won't do it properly.

"I've told her she doesn't have to do it if she's upset about it and I don't expect her to do anything except show up."

The bride-to-be adds of her intended, "People think all Len and I do is kiss in parks and public places. But we do the shopping too, we have to stop for breath now and again."

21/09/2003 21:01