Controversial rocker Peaches has joined the celebrity push to ban seal clubbing in her native Canada after agreeing to star in a new People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign. The Toronto, Canada native will be pictured standing next to a photograph showing a hunter about to bludgeon a baby seal in the new ad. The picture bears the tagline 'Canada's Club Scene Sucks'. Peaches unveiled the new poster in Vancouver, Canada yesterday (10AUG06). A PETA spokesman says, "Peaches and PETA want an end to the slaughter of baby harp seals, 333,000 of whom were killed for their fur just this year. "Many of the infants are repeatedly clubbed, and many are skinned alive as their mothers look on helplessly and wail. "Peaches and PETA bring home the message that the blood on the ice is a direct result when anyone, anywhere purchases any fur." Peaches joins a growing list of musicians and actors who have condemned the seal hunt. These include Sir Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson and BRIGITTE BARDOT.