British socialite Peaches Geldof's baby son was hospitalised in London on Wednesday night (29May13) after suffering breathing difficulties.

Astala, who turned 12 months old in April (13), was rushed to a medical facility by his rocker father Thomas Cohen after his parents became concerned about his wellbeing following a croup attack.

Geldof, who gave birth to a second son, Phaedra, on 24 April (13), took to her page in the early hours of Thursday (30May13) to tell her fans about the medical drama.

In a series of posts, she writes, "Poor little Astala just had a croup attack! Apparently he inherited Croup from his dad!! Poor Grublet couldn't breathe! Tom took him to the hospital around the corner from us, he is ok now watching (film) Madagascar there (they are) about to get some medicine for it & come home. Poor lil guy! This all happened at midnight! The dramas of parenting. Phaedra Bloom is here with me having a feed worrying for his big bro!"