Socialite Peaches Geldof has joined a campaign for gay marriage rights in her native U.K. by writing a touching article about how two of her friends found love at school and later wed in a same-sex ceremony in New York.

Bob Geldof's daughter, who married musician Thomas Cohen last month (Sep12), has written candidly about her relationship with two childhood pals, Daniel and Ben, and how they 'came out' to their parents as youngsters.

Geldof reveals Ben's family refused to accept him when he revealed his true sexuality, but their relationship was later healed after he invited them to his wedding in the Big Apple.

The star uses their story to illustrate why gay couples in the U.K. should be given the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts, rather than the current civil partnerships which are on offer for same-sex relationships.

In a piece for Britain's Independent newspaper, she writes, "This man, who I loved so much, was marrying his best friend, his soul mate. Taking vows to stand by him until death. And why not? Why, if these two men wanted to be married in the country they were born in, would it only be regarded as a 'civil partnership' - a title more insulting than anything else, a half measure...

"I have had first-hand experience of how wonderful the introduction of gay marriage has been, and how negative and potentially damaging it is to not allow it, which just breeds more homophobia. For a country and culture that declares ourselves so progressive, our governments, citizens and, of course, our churches, can be small-minded bigots at the best of times...

"I long for the day when we break free of this Orwellian ridiculousness, a nation of dictating pigs, where 'all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others'."

Sir Elton John has previously written a piece for the publication, backing its campaign in support of gay marriage.