British socialite Peaches Geldof became embroiled in a heated feud with a controversial commentator on Tuesday (12Nov13), hours before they were due to debate parenting techniques on a Tv show.

Katie Hopkins sparked the war of words after posting a photo of Bob Geldof's daughter from last year (12), when she accidentally pushed her 18-month-old son Astala's stroller into a pothole after failing to see a crack in the footpath while holding her cell phone.

In the accompanying caption, Hopkins wrote, "peaches believes in attachment parenting. Attached to a phone that is."

The criticism prompted an angry response from Geldof, who hit back at the embarrassing shot in a number of heated posts hours before the pair was due to go head-to-head to discuss parenting skills on British talk show This Morning on Tuesday (12Nov13).

Responding to Hopkins' tweet, she wrote, "I don't even want to reply to Katie Hopkins (sic) desperate, incessant tweeting because it feeds her insatiable lust for recognition. However her posting low blows like a picture of my son falling from his pram (stroller) when I tripped over a crack in a pavement has warranted at least a few responses from me...

"This is the woman who hates women, ethnic minorities, anyone with less money, anyone who dares point out the glaringly obvious.... I wouldn't be surprised if she had a shrivelled old pair of balls under that 1980s... tweed skirt of hers. All the better to castrate her with. what we need to ask ourselves is why we even allow her to have a platform."

The pair continued to clash on This Morning as Hopkins challenged Geldof over her parenting techniques, with the star accusing her of being a terrible role model for her own children.

After the showdown, Geldof tweeted: "Well... That was easy. Think I know who won that one. Hopkins was literally Shaking when I shook her hand afterwards.

"Think I just said to Katie Hopkins live on This Morning what the whole of Britain wants to say to her. You Lose, sucka!!!!"