Peaches Geldof's pregnancy is especially poignant as her due date is the same as her late mother's birthday.
The 22-year-old socialite is the daughter of Irish rocker Bob Geldof and former TV presenter Paula Yates, who died of a heroin overdose in 2000.
Geldof is expecting her first child with her musician boyfriend Thomas Cohen, and the child is due on 24 April (12) - her mother's birthday.
The star insists the coincidence is like a sign from her beloved mum.
She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I feel like it's a little wink from my mum - her way of sending a message to let me know she's watching over me and my baby.
"It was amazing for me when they told me that, very emotional and touching and just really beautiful. I was so happy."
Geldof reveals she was also stunned by her usually stern father's reaction to the news - insisting he can't wait to welcome a baby boy into his brood of girls.
She adds, "Oh my God, he was so happy, especially as I'm having a boy. The poor man's been surrounded by women up till now.
"I didn't realise how over the moon he would be. He's always been very supportive of me but he was really overwhelmed and emotional."