Sports that broadcast television and cable networks choose to ignore -- or give short shrift -- are turning up as pay-to-view webcasts, including 250 matches from Wimbledon beginning on Monday, USA Today reported today (Friday). The Wimbledon coverage will be carried by, which also carries rugby matches, European basketball, surfing, and other events. "There are thousands of people willing to pay to watch our events," MediaZone CEO Michelle Wu told the newspaper. Viewers who sign up before Monday can receive up to nine Wimbledon matches simultaneously for $20. (The figure rises to $25 on Monday.) A separate package for just the quarter-finals, semifinals and finals costs $10. Although such events can be downloaded onto PCs for later viewing, some choose to watch them live even when they originate in far-away time zones. "Half our viewers watch this stuff in the middle of the night," Claude Ruibal, CEO of, which carries track-and-field events, told USA Today. Webcasting could seemingly offer an alternative to Olympics fans who would prefer to watch events live, even at odd hours, than watch them after news reports of the results have already been released.  Meanwhile, it was reported that online coverage of the U.S. loss to Ghana in the World Cup on Thursday led to a record spike in Internet traffic Thursday. Streaming provider Akamai said that traffic for the World Cup webcast reached over 7.2 million visitors per minute.