Title: The Saga of Ryzom

Developer: Nevrax

Genre: Multi-genre massively multiplayer online role playing game

Number of Players: Thousands (5000 simultaneous per server)

Audience: Online RPG gamers: Males 15 – 25 years

Platform: PC

Street date: June 2004


The Saga of Ryzom is an immense story that takes place in the future – our future. It begins on the living planet of Atys, which grows and evolves on its own, sending tendrils into the sky and covering the lands with new life. Explore this lush and vibrant world and work towards unlocking its secrets. The Saga of Ryzom is the mystery of a forgotten past and an


unknown future, history has yet to be written in this world, so it could very well be you doing the writing.

You will be a member of one of the four civilizations of homins, humanoids uniquely evolved for the bizarre organic environment of Atys. Ea ch homin civilization has its own weaknesses and strengths, its own ambition and challenges:

The Fyros are bold warriors from the deep and deadly deserts who wage a ceaseless struggle against the Dragon.

The Matis are proud heirs of the old Monarchy from the haunted woods who seek to restore their lost empire.

The Tryker are denizens of the idyllic lakelands, known for being anarchic and unpredictable.

The Zorai are feared mystics from the dark and hidden jungles who zealously serve the living planet.

Devastated by an apocalyptic war with the insectoid Kitin, and manipulated by the powerful and enigmatic factions known as the Karavan and the Kami, the homins are struggling to rebuild their civilization. Yet while trying to rebuild their past glory, the homin civilizations will have to see for themselves if t hey can keep control of their own future… your future.

The story behind the Saga of Ryzom began long before your arrival on Atys. A part of the game is dedicated to discovering important information about this ‘forgotten' past. Gathering th is type of information will allow you to discover a brand new vision of the world. This vision is the key to the “end game” of The Saga of Ryzom.

Enter the political corridors of the Saga of Ryzom and u ltimately, you will be able to grow in power, chan ge the evolution of the story and modify the wo rld. Discover and understand the agendas of the various NPC Factions and decide for yourself the Faction that has your loyalty and which does not. And then seek the power to push the story forward where you want it to go…

Key in-game Factions

- The Kami, magical creatures that draw their power from the living planet, Atys

- The Karavan, metal-armored technocrats who venerate the Goddess Jena

- The Homin Civilizations (the Fyros, Matis, Tryker and Zorai)

- The Primitive Tribes (the Gibbai, Cute, and Frahar)

- The Dissident Tribes, spin offs from the main civilizations

Like other massively multiplayer games, a live development team will continue to work on The Saga of Ryzom after launch to implement regular patch updates to game, adding improvements such as new missions and events. Additional updates will contain new playable races, lands, creatures, skills, and actions, allowing characters to progress further into the saga. In time, players may even be able to leave Atys entirely, heading to places vastly different than their primitive home.

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