Kick Off 2002 (PC)
Game Review

As I am the only one in the office old enough to remember the release of the original Kick Off 2, everyone thought it would be best for me to say a few words about this 12 year old classic.


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On it's release KO2 was the ultimate "top down" football game for Amiga and Atari ST computers. Now it's been revisited, revised and given a 3D engine (quite what for I don't know). There are a massive 204 National teams to choose from, all with full 16 player squads, and the all important team editor to play around with. Graphically, the game hasn't changed a great deal except for the inclusion of a more 3d view and an ambulance to take care of the heavily injured and dieing. The game play remains the same (a one button masterpiece,) but why on earth they have not included an online multiplayer option astounds me.

Over-all this game hasn't changed as much as I have in the last 12 years, it still remains one of the all time classics, and with the price giving change out of £20 its a must buy for all classic gamers.


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