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Cricket 2002 On PC

In cricket games, the way to bat is: hit/miss the ball, right?

You either hit it or miss it. In Cricket 2002, there are 10 different types of shot, not including directions, bringing 'intuitive batting and bowling control' into play. It just makes it even harder than all of the other cricket sims that are out there to bat. Bowling's mercifully easy, although every once in a while you see a shot that's near impossible, as the computer will slog away a shot that was meant to bounce before the crease and so would be about an inch off the ground, yet seems to be at the perfect height for the batsman to smack into the stands.

The fielding's not much better, though, as when you need your fielder to gather the ball in slip when the (sometimes) hopeless wicket keeper's missed it, he might as well crawl or walk backwards for all the good he does. The computer has a knack for hitting the ball stupidly small distances and getting 2 runs from it. And when the batsman has slogged it into the outfield, the outfielders are always on the other side of the pitch to where the ball's going, yet when you go to tonk the ball out of the stadium, it goes straight up in the air and is caught. This is all on easy, too.

There are four parts to this game: cricket nets, test, exhibition match and tournaments. The tournaments are mostly one day limited-over games, whereas test matches go on until you get everyone out which, in my case, takes bloody ages. The nets are a great place to go if you want to practice that amazing sweep shot you can never replicate in an actual game.

After a while, you get used to the controls (which means that you can actually bowl a ball that goes towards the batsman or hit a lame defensive shot) and so can get somebody out every now and again.

Not a bad game for the seasoned cricketer, but ONLY for the seasoned cricketer, because they're the only people who will understand what the hell's going on!


This game features:

1. Intuitive Batting and Bowling Control:

Detailed controls allow you to play off the front foot or back foot, charge the bowler, and spin, seam or change the pace of the ball.

2. Deep Gameplay

One-day games & test matches, unlockable tournaments and historical teams, all 12 International teams & 22 international

stadia, plus much more.

3. Dynamic Statistics

Realistic player and team statistics that are constantly affected by changing weather, pitch and match conditions. Home crowds can lift your play just as easily as hostile crowds can intimidate your team.

4. Play-By-Play Commentry

Insightful commentary by Richie Benaud.

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Cricket 2002 On PC Available @
Cricket 2002 On PC Available @
Cricket 2002 On PC Available @
Cricket 2002 On PC Available @