Paz de la Huerta, the American actress and star of the HBO drama series 'Boardwalk Empire', has been charged with third-degree assault after a brawl in New York. Paz De La Huerta appeared in court yesterday to face the charges after she allegedly "beat a television TV star bloody" in a brawl at a Meatpacking District hotspot, reports the New York Daily News.
De La Huerta reportedly punched Samantha Swetra in the face, bloodying her nose and mouth and then threw a glass at her. Swetra is the star of MTV's hit reality show 'The City'. Prosecutors say De La Huerta told cops at the scene, "I'm a real actress - Hbo. She's a publicity seeker, a fake actress" The 'Boardwalk Empire' star appeared in Manhattan criminal court yesterday (19th March 2011) wearing a black trench coat over an ivory suit with stiletto heels. As well as third-degree assault, the actress was also charged with 'attempted assault', 'harassment' and 'criminal possession of a weapon". She declined to comment as she left court with a group of assistants and jumped into a waiting black Suv.
Prosecutors say the fight broke out when Paz De La Huerta was mocked by Swetra and the American actress Lindsay Lohan after she had tripped and crashed into a table. De la Huerta responded by punching Swetra in the face.