Singers Elle King and Wayne Newton will also appear in Puppy Love, which video director Maxxis wrote about his cousin's romance with a homeless woman.

Maxxis, who was the brains behind King's Ex's & Oh's promo, has also recruited Garbage star Butch Vig to create a soundtrack album for his movie debut, while musician Kurt Vile will come up with the score.

Sean Penn's model son, Hopper, will play the lead in the film, which the director can't wait to start shooting in Edmonton, Canada next week (beg20Mar17).

A movie spokesman said, "Puppy Love is based on a true story following a year in the life of Morgan Fairchild, a young man who marches to the distant sound of his own offbeat drum. It’s a year that sees him fall in love with Carla, a homeless woman he meets through his older brother, Danny. It’s an account given by Morgan himself, depicting night after night patrolling the streets in his car, looking for and meeting up with Carla.

"As dysfunctional as it is, the relationship grows and develops into something kind, endearing and beautiful even in their otherwise odd circumstances."

Maxxis told WENN, "I’ve always been fascinated by my cousin Morgan’s peculiar logic and the purity in which he sees the world. The opportunity to make a film about him and his equally eccentric brother Danny with such a talented cast and crew backing my ambition is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

The film will also feature UFC fighter Donald Cerrone and Rosanna Arquette.