Pauly Shore's father has brushed off allegations the star's brother has been mistreating their mother - dismissing the claims as a "family feud."
The Encino Man actor has filed a lawsuit accusing his sibling of improperly caring for their ill mum Mitzi, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease.
But Sammy Shore, who is Mitzi's husband and Pauly and Peter's father, is adamant the claims are false.
He tells, "No, it's not true, (Peter)'s taking care of (Mitzi). I don't wonder if she's safe, I know she’s safe."
Pauly has also alleged Peter has been mismanaging their Los Angeles comedy club, which was founded by their mother.
But Sammy is adamant the fall out over their business venture is nothing more than a brotherly disagreement.
He adds, "When there is a family business there's always gonna be problems. This law suit is just a family feud. It will be over in a few weeks, I'm sure of it."
A representative for Pauly says, "This is a personal family matter that will be handled privately."