Funnyman Pauly Shore is counting on his new reality TV show MINDING THE STORE being a big success, so he can keep Los Angeles' famous COMEDY STORE alive.

The fallen film star is staging a comeback after a string of movie flops in the hope of securing his financial future and the first step is his new show, which sees Shore taking charge of The Comedy Store, which is owned by his parents.

He says, "Sometimes you have to go away to come back. I think that's normal. I was so big at one point and then my movies stopped doing well financially and the critics were not getting it and buying it. You're always as good as your last project.

"Now, I just hope that we pay our rent with this show. The Comedy Store is a massive piece of property on the Sunset Strip. My mom is still using the same limo I used for my prom in 1985."

20/07/2005 02:12