Pauly Shore stunned cast and crew on the set of his upcoming movie BRAND DEAD after launching into a foul-mouthed tirade aimed at producers.
The actor is attempting to make a career comeback after enjoying huge success in the 1990s with comedy movies like Encino Man.
And he generated plenty of attention by throwing a tantrum on the set of his upcoming film, unleashing a curse-laden rant after he overheard producers talking to one another while he was shooting a scene.
In footage posted on, Shore can be seen storming angrily off the set, screaming, "Shut the f**k up while we're working! I'm playing this gay guy all day, wearing this f**king wig on my head... Have you ever been on a set before?"
In 2006, Shore brewed up a fair amount of media attention after admitting footage of him getting punched in the face at a Texas comedy club was actually a hoax.