Funnyman Pauly Shore has become the latest star to pay tribute to tragic Gary Coleman, insisting the dead actor should be remembered as a vital part of 1980s pop culture.
Shore reveals he was sad when he heard of Coleman's passing last month (May10) and the tragedy took him back to his childhood when the actor's Diff'rent Strokes sitcom was must-watch TV.
The comedian tells, "I knew him. It was sad. If you look back on it, even though the last couple of years have been tough on him, all in all the guy made an impact on our lives.
"Diff'rent Strokes will always go down in our lives as kind of a really monumental part of growing up. Those shows were the last great sitcoms other than Seinfeld; they don't make shows like that anymore.
"There's a soft spot for that time in our lives. I mean how cute was he? Remember his little bunk bed with his little pyjamas and it was a sweet show with a lot of heart.
"I met him (Coleman) through The Comedy Store. He would come to the shows. He's actually on one of my albums. If you listen to an old comedy album I did called Pink Diggly Diggly; he's in the audience with (porn star) Ron Jeremy and I was messing with both of them. You can hear his voice and you can hear me mess with him. He was a great guy."