Funnyman Pauly Shore is so convinced his new US reality TV show MINDING THE STORE will be a hit, he's offering viewers the chance to win cash if they fail to laugh once during the programme.

The comedian will give $1 (55 pence) to any viewer who doesn't laugh at the new series, which aims to show off Los Angeles' comedy kings who perform at the city's Comedy Store.

Shore says, "I've convinced the network heads at TBS to let me offer this special guarantee. It's our way of saying we value people's television-viewing time, and we know they'll feel their time spent watching Minding The Store is well worth it."

Viewers who fail to laugh after watching the first episode, which airs on 17 July (05), are invited to mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Shore, care of TBS. Shore will then send them $1 each.

07/07/2005 09:05