Pauly Shore has turned to LIMP BIZKIT star Fred Durst for relationship advice.

Durst, whose bedroom exploits once featured on an illicit sex tape, featured on the premiere of the comedian's new reality show MINDING THE STORE, which aired in the US on Sunday (24JUL05).

Shore, who has confessed he fears he's addicted to sex, turned to Durst on the show because the rocker shares his passion for young women.

Durst, who once boasted he was dating Britney Spears, confesses, "I love the way young girls look - they're so fresh and squeaky."

But the Limp Bizkit star also voices his concerns about his 37-year-old friend Shore, who is struggling to find a soul mate and is tiring of dating models and Playboy Playmates.

Durst adds, "You keep hooking up with young chicks, you're addicted to sex... You want someone serious. You're seriously f**ked up, man.

"You're f**ked up for life... unless you get some help."

The premiere of the series featured Shore trying to track down his ex-girlfriends for relationship help after sex therapist PATRICIA ALLEN advises him to seek answers from his past mistakes.

26/07/2005 09:08