Pauline Quirke, the British actress best known for her role in the long-running sitcom 'Birds of a Feather', has revealed how she lost over six stone in seven months. Quirke, who appears on the cover this week's Woman Magazine, said she lost a third of her body weight after one of her joints wore away under the strain.
The 51-year-old, who currently appears in Emmerdale, was told she was "severely obese" after weighing nearly 20 stone. She was told her weight meant she required a new hip, saying, "I hadn't weighed myself for many, many years. Then just before Christmas, I got on the scales and it said 19st 6lbs. I was so shocked". Seven months after her 'wake-up call' Quirke weighs in at just 13 stone and feels healthy enough to renew her wedding vows with husband Steve. The actress lost the weight by adopting the controversial 500 calorie-a-day 'Lighter Life' diet in which most meals are replaced by a selection of soups, snack bars and milkshakes.
After 'Birds of the Feather' ended in 1998, Pauline Quirke began starring in the drama series 'The Sculptress' before making appearances in 'The Bill', 'Cold Blood' and 'The Missing'.