The 45-year-old singer was one of the performers at the Carnival of Campeche on Saturday (18Feb17), and delighted fans with renditions of some of her most famous hits.

However, as Paulina strolled purposefully down the stage, she misjudged where it ended, and took a tumble off the end. Her fans shrieked in horror as they watched the accident unfold, while a video of the incident showed several members of the security team rushing to Paulina's aid.

After the fall, Paulina took to her Facebook page to share a snap of herself in concert earlier in the evening, alongside a Spanish caption which translates as: "It doesn't matter if we fall down, we need to know how to get up."

She was flooded with supportive comments from fans, who assured her that the fall did little to damage her performance or reputation.

Paulina recently revealed she is planning to release a new album later this year (17), on which she has teamed up with stars including Selena Gomez.

She told Mexico's Vanidades magazine: "It's truly a warrior, (in the sense that) it has a little of something from each genre, like banda, and pop, collaborations with DJ Snake and Selena Gomez... I was looking to maintain the key element: for the music to be dance-able."

Another of Paulina's aims for 2017 is to add to her family with a daughter. The Mexican superstar became a mum again in March (16), when she welcomed her second son Eros - her first child with boyfriend Gerardo Bazua - and told fans on Instagram she is now hoping to have a little girl.

She wrote, "What do you want to achieve in 2017? Some of my goals are: discover people from around the world, travel to unknown places, new cultures, have a girl, and to share stories comedy, drama, fiction about my life or not, learn to play another instrument, read more and write more songs (sic)".

In addition to Eros, Paulina is also mum to son Andrea Nicolas from her marriage to Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera, which ended in divorce in 2013.