An embarrassing video which shows Latino pop superstar Paulina Rubio drunk and abusive at a party has been leaked online.
A fan of the Mexican singer caught her foul-mouthed antics on his cellphone video while Rubio was living it up at a bar in Spain with her husband Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera.
According to Mexico's El Universal newspaper, the singer yelled into a microphone: "I am Paulina Vallejo de Najera and I don't give a damn," prompting angry bar locals, who didn't recognise the singer, to chant "drunk" at the pop star.
The 36-year-old singer allegedly replied, "Yes, I am drunk, just like you, and you a**holes! Don't mess with me, just like you and you and you. I don't give a damn."
At one point, Rubio even started humming her song Dame otro tequila (Give Me Another Tequila).