Paulina Gretzky, name familiar? That's right, it's the daughter of Canadian ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky - considered by some to be among the finest players to have ever picked up a stick - and she's been gathering a growing legion of fans over on microblogging site Twitter over the past few months by regularly letting them in on her night out shenanigans with pals.
Paulina, 22, has aspirations to be a model and has managed to pick up several shoots in her time, as well as appearing in minor roles in a number of films. However it's been on social networking where she's been most popular, posting regular saucy pictures of her and her friends on various nights out. No more however though, according to the Huffington Post, who report that Gretzky's profile no longer exists, cryptically the last Tweet posted being "Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media. Haha."
Oh dear, whether Gretzky Sr. has seen the profile and had strong words with his daughter is a moot point, but the Toronto Star in Canada have pondered whether the reasoning behind it may be his rumoured plan to buy the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the news causing the eldest of his five children's profile to swell thanks to her exploits. Whilst some may be disappointed at Gretzky Jr's departure from the social networking site, they can find solace in the fact that Canada's Vancouver Star have very generously archived all of her account's Twitpics.