NCIS star Pauley Perrette has been accused of spinning her ex-husband's life into a storyline from her TV show, by alleging he stalked and raped her friend.
The actress' ex, indie rocker Coyote Shivers, insists Perrette is seeking revenge by falsely accusing him of raping and sodomising a close friend, because she's still bitter about their 2006 divorce.
Shivers has responded to Perrette and her friend Angela Garber's claims in two sarcastic videos posted on file-sharing website, aimed at discrediting her accusations.
In one mocking video, the rocker says, "Hi, I'm Coyote Shivers, and I'm a racist and a kidnapper."
Shivers, 42, and Perrette, 39, married in 2000.
Since their break up, Perrette has also alleged that she was the victim of spousal abuse during their marriage.
The couple separated in 2004 before settling its divorce in February 2006.