Paula Yates' parting gift to her dead lover Michael Hutchence was a packet of heroin, which she tucked inside his pocket hours before his funeral.

The British TV presenter, who herself died in September 2000 from a heroin overdose, provided her deceased Inxs lover with the drug while he lay at the funeral parlour in Sydney, Australia, where he hanged himself in 1997.

Hutchence's brother RHETT explains, "The family went to the funeral parlour to pay our last respects to Michael. We took our turns going in and spending time alone with him.

"Mum cut off some hair and took some buttons off his suit, which she gave to TINA (Hutchence's sister) and myself, and later had hers made into a ring.

"I spent a few minutes talking to Michael alone, and then placed a Marlboro Light (cigarette) in his inside jacket pocket. It was a personal thing - he was always asking me for a ciggie.

"Paula later told me about the gram of smack."

03/10/2004 14:09