Bob Geldolf is ''besotted'' with his new grandson, his daughter Peaches has revealed.

The 23-year-old star - whose mother is the late Paula Yates - says her father just can't get enough of two-month-old Astala and she thinks it's because he finally has a boy in the family.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''He was incredibly gentle with Astala; he took him aside and was so quiet, which isn't something my dad's renowned for.

''He's besotted with Astala because he's his first grandchild but especially, I think, because he's the first boy in the family.''

As well as Peaches, Bob has three other daughters Fifi, 29, Pixie, 21, and 15-year-old Heavenly - who he adopted after the deaths of her parents, Bob's ex-wife Paula and her lover Michael Hutchence.

Peaches also revealed the Live Aid co-founder's phone screensaver is a picture of Astala - her child with her musician fiance Thomas Cohen.

She said: ''Astala's sticking Two Fingers up and has this really rebellious look on his face. Dad was like, 'That's my boy,' when he saw it.''

Despite his love for his grandson, Bob, 60, is less keen on his name, Astala Dylan Willow Geldof-Cohen.

The Boomtown Rats star recently admitted he had not learnt how to pronounce it properly yet, adding: ''Yuck! What's he going to be called in school? Ass? Stella? It's a girl's name, let's face it.''