American comedienne Paula Poundstone has offered trouble pop singer MICHAEL JACKSON support - by promising never to ridicule his current legal entanglements.

Poundstone - who was convicted of child endangerment in 2001 and saw a charge of lewd conduct towards a child under 14 dropped - is concerned at how quickly people make their minds up about celebrity court cases.

And Paula is happier concentrating on her own life when making jokey observations, because she has no intention of causing more misery to the THRILLER superstar.

She says, "I don't find pleasure in someone else's demise. It may be a newfound position. I hope I wasn't too mean before, but I'm not going to carry the torch up the hill going after the Frankenstein monster. It's yucky.

"They dropped (the molestation charge) against me. If they could have pinned that on me, they would have. I was charged with things that were true, and that's why I couldn't fight harder. I was guilty of what I pleaded to."

17/12/2003 20:57