Paula Patton says she and ex-husband Robin Thicke have found ''harmony and peace'' for the sake of their child.

The 'Traffik star is delighted to see eight-year-old son Julian - who she shares with the 'Blurred Lines' singer - enjoying being a big brother to Robin's new baby daughter Mia, who he has with girlfriend April Love Geary.

Paula told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''He loves being a brother. It's a great thing. I think that family, no matter what - divided, [or if] it's in new places - you have to find harmony and peace for your children. He is in that place right now and it's a beautiful thing to see. He absolutely adores his little sister Mia.''

Robin, 41, and April, 23, welcomed daughter Mia into the world in February and the 'Sex Therapy' singer shared a picture of Julian meeting his new sister captioned, ''Lucky Daddy!''

Paula, 42, revealed Julian is already starting to follow in his father's musical footsteps.

She said: ''He loves to sing. He's taking after his daddy. Once he saw 'High School Musical', and he saw Zac Efron be on the basketball court but sing at the same time, he like got a new feel for it. So we'll see what happens.''

Robin and Paula began dating as teenagers and were together for over 20 years, married for nine, before their split in 2014.

The LA screen star recently confirmed she is dating again, but refused to reveal her new boyfriend's identity.

Speaking on 'Extra', she said: ''I have a boyfriend now. I haven't called anybody a boyfriend. He's my boyfriend! When you know, you know. I love him ... If you have a kid and you have a basketball game, look at the daddies. It's kind of a suburban romance. He's got kids, I got a kid. It's one of those!''