Former British model Paula Hamilton appeared in court on Wednesday (06Feb13) to defend herself over allegations she assaulted a police officer last year (12).

The star is accused of attacking PC Dominic Matheson after ripping the head off a sunflower when he arrived at her home in Buckinghamshire, England on 29 September (12) in response to an emergency call over a domestic incident.

Hamilton was arrested and charged with assault, but denied the allegations.

The 55 year old claimed she had fallen backwards as she tried to pull the plant free and accidentally came into contact with the officer.

She says, "I can prove... that unless you have secateurs you cannot cut a sunflower at that time of the season.

"I would never, ever use a sacred sunflower - our family crest - to hurt anybody. It was a present. I misbalanced (sic) on my feet because I had four toes broken. The only toe that wasn't broken was my big toe. I lost my balance.

"I'm an anthropologist, a philanthropist. I would never use my family crest to assault a police officer, that would be sacrilege... I would never hurt a police officer, I'm pro-police."

In court in Aylesbury, England on Wednesday, Hamilton also alleged a second police officer injured her before taking her to a police station with nothing but a coat on.

She added, "The policeman... stamped on my broken foot again. They took me to the police station in a coat - no underwear, nothing."

The case has been adjourned until later this month (Feb13) when a verdict will be reached.