Paula Deen, the American celebrity cook, has lost an astonishing 30-pound in weight, following her recent diagnosis for Type 2 diabetes. The 65-year-old revealed that she had to make big changes to her diet, and took potatoes and bread totally out of the equation, favouring fish and salads.
Deen - who often specializes in Southern fried-food - says she now limits her meats, and makes smoothies for breakfast. Speaking to People magazine, Deen explained, "Instead of fried chicken once a week, I have it once a month.I have baked chicken now". The Savannah restaurateur and cook says she's thrilled with the changes to her body, though doesn't harbour a desire to be model-thin. Though she's managed to conquer her habit for most fatty foods, Deen admits she still hasn't kicked her two major vices, real butter and cigarettes, saying, "I'm a product of the South in the 1960's but I think about quitting everyday.Maybe one day I'll be ready. I pray I will".
Though generally a popular personality, Deen has faced extensive criticism for the high amount of fat, salt and sugars she uses in her recipes. Chef and journalist Anthony Bourdain branded Deen "cynical" for having her brand be "excess without guilt", when she knew "in a very personal way what this could and might very well lead to".