Paula Deen has revealed that she's been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the much-loved chef telling the Today show of her news, admitting that it's something she'd known for a while.
The American chef, 64, has won over audiences with her generous style of cooking which has seen her rise from 2002's 'Paula's Home Cooking' to her current long running series of 'Paula's Best Dishes' as well as appearing as judge last year on US reality competition 'Top Chef.' Speaking to Today, Deen admitted that her cooking did appear to give a lot away to buttery recipes which encouraged a liberal use of fat. She pointed out though "I''ve always encouraged moderation, people see me cooking all these wonderful, Southern, fattening recipes... it's for entertainment. People have to be responsible," going on to say she told Oprah Winfrey the same thing; 'Like I told Oprah, "Honey, I'm your cook, not your doctor,"' she said. 'You have to be responsible.'"
The big shock was that, though Deen was only opening up about it now, she'd in fact been diagnosed with the condition three years ago. Critics of the chef have been negative about her choice of recipe given her ailment, fellow chef Anthony Bourdain said "When your signature dish is hamburger in between a doughnut, and you've been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing all along that you've got type 2 diabetes, it's bad taste if nothing else."