Pop star-turned-Tv personality Paula Abdul shamed Michael Bolton for his poor babysitting skills on U.S. Tv on Monday night (10Oct11).
The Straight Up singer confirmed reports that Bolton looked after her when she was seven - and her older sister went out with his then-girlfriend, Maureen - and he wasn't the most responsible sitter in the world.
Appearing on late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Abdul told the host, "I used to get so p**sed off when he'd babysit me because... he'd never help me do my homework; he would only wanna just jam with the rest of the musicians in the building that I lived in."
And his musical ambitions landed the young Abdul in hospital after she had an accident at home, while babysitter Bolton was out.
She recalled, "He went out, I knew he wouldn't be coming back for a while so I ran on my knees on the couch and there was a pencil sticking up in the cushion and I ran over the pencil... It jammed in my leg and he had to take me to hospital. I still have the scar in my knee... And he was so disinterested. He didn't care."
Bolton then joined the Tv chat via Skype from his dressing room after a concert in South Dakota, and said, "You're gonna get me in trouble. I'm like the bad babysitter. It was not my job; it was somebody else's responsibility. I'm a musician."
But he insisted Abdul was "adorable", adding, "I don't remember you being that much of a brat."