Paula Abdul is hurt by accusations she's spent her latest spell as a judge on TV talent show American Idol high on drugs.

The singer - who recently spoke out about the crippling pain that ruined her pop career and turned her into a hobbling recluse - has become the subject of speculation over her behind-the-scenes activity on the hit series, after appearing to be intoxicated on the judges' bench alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

But Abdul has rubbished the widespread observations, insisting she hasn't touched pills of any kind since taking the pain killers she was prescribed to dull the severe back ache she sustained from multiple car crashes and a plane accident.

She says, "Drugs? I'm not on anything now and people accuse me of being on drugs. If only people knew what I've gone through with pain and pills.

"I started to read the show's message boards and saw one of them had to do with me seeming weird. One said I was on drugs. It was so hideous and mean."

28/04/2005 13:47