LATEST: Paula Abdul proved she has a sense of humour by poking fun at the controversy surrounding her alleged involvement with an American Idol contestant on US TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The former 1980s pin-up, who is a judge on the talent contest, is currently being investigated following former contestant COREY CLARK's claims he enjoyed a secret fling with Abdul.

American news show PRIMETIME LIVE aired an expose of the scandal, which the SNL cast and Abdul lampooned on Saturday night (07MAY05).

The sketch made comical allusions to the controversy with a mock interview and stage performances, and featured show regular Amy Poehler as Abdul and Finesse Mitchell as Clark. And at the end of the sequence, Abdul returned to the set making her own Idol-style critiques of her imitator.

To Poehler she said, "You need to perfect the clap a little more and be a lot more sexier so contestants will be willing to sleep with you."

Abdul has called the allegations "lies" in a recently-released statement in which she expresses her "deepest appreciation" for fans who have expressed their support.

09/05/2005 09:31