AMERICAN IDOL Judge Paula Abdul is threatening to sue a manicurist for injuring her so severely, she nearly lost her thumb.

Abdul claims that a manicure at the CHINOISERIE salon in Los Angeles - where many stars have their nails treated - left her with a serious infection which forced her to wear a sling during many of the American Idol TV shows.

The singer told American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "I've had manicures forever, and I've never run into any problem like this."

The STRAIGHT UP star says the manicurist poked her thumb so violently that she howled in agony and was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital, where the nail was surgically removed.

However, a manager at the salon has suggested Paula's injury happened elsewhere: "Her claims are inconsistent with the times she was here."

Paula claims the salon anxiously phoned her after the incident to see how she was doing.

23/05/2004 14:21